Welcome to the Echoes blog!  I am currently a Landscape Designer, en route to becoming a licensed Landscape Architect. I live and work in the megalopolis that is Los Angeles where we have lots of sunshine and little water. Echo Landscape Design provides landscape design services in and around the Los Angeles area with a focus on conservation and sustainability. For more information, please check out my website at www.echo-landscape-design.com.


Yoyoi Kusama pumpkin on Naoshima Island, Seto Sea, Japan

Yoyoi Kusama pumpkin on Naoshima Island, Seto Sea, Japan


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  1. Tina Marrin says:

    Beautiful design and so what I love and crave. The picture of the dog crashed out on the couch in the “before” picture is so cute! Beautiful site. xx

  2. Samantha says:

    Mag – all the gardens you showed on your website look great. The Santa Monica garden is my favourite, we need you! Sam x

  3. Basha Cohen says:

    As always, I am so proud of “My sweet Maggie”. A true Renaissance Woman, you never cease to amaze and astound me with your varied talents and generous nature. I need you to come garden with me in Colorado. A recent sewage disaster annihilated my gorgeous and very mature perrennial, peony garden in my yard. It was only when the back hoe came roaring through that I realized the horror. In a last ditch attempt to find solace, I threw a bag of 50 tulip bulbs I had just bought in the Amsterdam airport into the trough as they put the earth back. I hope one of those tulips pokes it’s head out in sympathy after the snows clear this winter. Love and good luck with your latest dreams…Basha

  4. Karen Stuart says:

    You busy, crazy girl- You need a 2010 comment!
    Maggie – all who come in contact with you sense your calm, cool energy. We love every aspect of the outdoor room you created for us in Santa Monica! It is really growing. You may need a “year later” photo on the web site.

    Karen and Tony

  5. Beautiful work with the best art materials to be found…..plants and dirt. Thank you for your blog!

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