Super Bloom, the Prequel, 2016 (Death Valley Edition)

Two years in a row, two different deserts in California, two “super blooms.”

This year (2017) we visited Anza Borrego State Park, located in the Colorado Desert of California (is that like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?). We were there at the beginning of April. You can see photos of that trip here.

Last year (2016) we visited Death Valley, located in the Mojave Desert, in early March and were fortunate to see the desert floor awash in Desert Gold wildflowers. This was my first trip to Death Valley. The timing couldn’t have been any better. It takes just the right amount of water, at just the right time to create just the right conditions for a desert super bloom. The last one happened in 2005. With climate change and recurring drought, there’s no telling when the next one might occur.

Among the flowers, our golden-haired dog Jackson felt right at home. So did his canine cousin, a visibly pregnant coyote who paused next to a small smattering of purple flowers to check us out and let us take her picture.





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