Love Letter to Los Angeles

Though I’ve been out of the loop (and out of town) recently, I’m happy to reblog and share this post from Rompe los Moldes, written by Elizabeth Gallardo, a kindred spirit.

I used to live in New York and would always tell people: “Los Angeles is the craziest place you will ever visit.”  I would then go on to explain that Los Angeles was so crazy because it had so many invisible spaces that are simply ignored by most people, places left to fester wild, without interference.  Sometimes I would refer to an example of the troll under the bridge from the children’s story, The Three Billygoats Gruff . Though there were crazy things in New York, they were mostly exposed and moderated by society due to the social density of the place.  To me, the troll under the bridge was not a necessarily bad thing– I was more in awe of the fact that there were metaphorical trolls all over LA, a fantasy world hiding in the cracks and crevices of the sprawling urban form.

Now that I have moved…

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