Update on Arcadia Oak Woodland from L.A. Creek Freak

This post by L.A. Creek Freak is the only new information I’ve been able to find online today.  It mentions a protest in front of the Hall of Administration building downtown at 9 a.m. I am hoping for a big turnout!

This video of the area in question was recently posted on YouTube. It clearly shows the mature oak trees that are over 100 years old. A staffer in Mike Antonovich’s office talked to me on the phone at length today about how the woodlands would be “restored” by planting new trees (apparently on top of the dumped silt once the project is completed). But once you see this video, you can see how futile that idea is. Replacing these majestic mature trees with sapplings will never do the job to recreate what will have been lost.

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4 Responses to Update on Arcadia Oak Woodland from L.A. Creek Freak

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  2. Will there be protests and/or tree sits tomorrow Wednesday the 12th to keep those bulldozers and chainsaws away from this grove?

  3. Maggie says:

    Hi, Siegfried. That’s a good question and I don’t really know the answer. Some people in the group that was at the hearing this morning mentioned going to the gate tomorrow morning around 7 a.m. to monitor the activity there but I don’t think there’s anything really organized. It seems that some of the group who are opposed to this devastation are local residents, so they are in the neighborhood anyway. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to go to the gate that leads to the oak grove if you are available in the morning.

    If you want to do that, the place to go would be the corner of Highland Oaks and Elkins. If you take Santa Anita Blvd, north from the 210 freeway and make a right on Elkins, it will lead you right to the gate that is fencing off this area. If you are there, the person to know is Camron Stone, a long-time resident of that area. People around there know him so you can drop his name or ask for him if you run into others. Here is a video of Cam discussing the oak grove:

    I will add a new post to this blog with an update from the hearing shortly. Thanks for your interest in this!!

    • Maggie says:

      Hi, again, Siefried. I have just seen this announcement on the Face Book page created for the oaks:
      “tomorrow around 7:30 there will be a protest of sorts in front of the elkins gate in arcadia. to get there, drive up santa anita then turn right on elkins. Continue going straight until you get to the gate.”

      Unfortunately, I cannot be there tomorrow but I hope there is a good turnout. I think all political options have been exhausted at this point, and I hope that the protest does not turn into a memorial.

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