Querqus catastrophicus ‘Arcadia’

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 11 acres of pristine oak woodland in Arcadia are slated for demolition so the site can be used as a dump for sediment from the Santa Anita Dam. 179 mature oaks trees plus dozens of sycamores, and the habitat they provide, will be razed to make room for a pile of dirt and debris. This natural woodland, one of the last remaining in L.A. County, is invaluable and irreplaceable. The destruction will be irreversible. For me, this seems to be a tragedy that is almost impossible to describe. Thankfully, many local bloggers wrote today in solidarity about this impending doom and they have brought eloquence and passion to the matter at hand, so I gratefully link to their wonderful efforts and words here to help spread the message.

Please sign the petition, contact your LA County Supervisor, pass on the information to friends, family and coworkers and make as much noise as possible to try to avert this impending disaster.

Here is a special blogroll of those who are devoting attention to this issue today (thank you, thank you, thank you):

Arcadia Patch

Weeding Wild Suburbia

LA Creek Freak

Chance of Rain by Emily Green

Greensward Civitas

Ballona Blog


Pasadena Adjacent

Pasadena Daily Photo

Slow Water Movement

LA Eco-Village Gardeners’ Weblog

LA Eco-Village Blog

Pasadena Real Estate [Blog] with Brigham Yen (including a very helpful map)

The Sky is Big in Pasadena

Breathing Treatment

A photo, borrowed from Arcadia Patch (thank you editor, Matt Burch):

Arcadia Oak Woodland, but for how long?

And there’s a gallery with more photos.

Here is a link to the LA County Oak Tree Ordinance that attempts to protect mature oak trees from destruction. Yes, the very same LA County whose Department of Public Works is hellbent on destroying 179 mature oak trees in Arcadia. Insert your choice of expletive here.

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