Blooming Now: Chorisia speciosa

Drama! That is what you get from these large, gorgeous, tropical-looking trees that are in bloom all over Los Angeles right now. Also called “Silk Floss Trees”, they have large, bright pink flowers that erupt into a cloud of color in September and October. The trunks can be bright green (the color fades to grey as the trees age) and are covered in huge thorns that look to me a bit like barnacles on a pier. Against a bright blue Southern California autumn sky, they are almost shockingly exhibitionist.

We have not seen those bright blue autumn skies here for a few days and by the time this (welcome) rain passes, many of those abundant pink blossoms will have been blown off the tops of the trees and trampled by the bustle of city life at ground level. I’m a few days late to post this as “blooming now” so I will share a few photos to help remember the Chorisia moment that has just passed.

Taken by Henrique Souto in Lisbon, Portugal


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