La Niña (that’s Spanish for “the niña”)

Although our plants and reservoirs enjoyed a wet winter last year, we may be in for a dry winter this year, according to those who follow these things. Here is a little blurb on what we might be able to expect in the next few months:

“Here comes La Ninã — come Rain or come Shine”

While this might be sad news for our gardens, Chris Farley can cheer us up a little bit with this awesome, vintage SNL skit about her brother, El Ninõ:

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3 Responses to La Niña (that’s Spanish for “the niña”)

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  2. Maggie says:

    According to my blog stats, someone actually used THIS search term to find my blog: “la nina is spanish for the nina”. I am dying to know who would type that into Google as a search. Please ‘fess up! I want to buy you a drink.

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