Echo Park Project – Work in Progress

Today I am posting some photos of a nearly completed project I’ve been working on in Echo Park. It will be 6 months or more before I can take pictures that will be ready to post on my actual website, but here on the blog, I can show pictures of projects that are still ” in progress.” In this case, the client is taking full responsibility for the plant selection and installation. We talked through a lot of options and poured over photographs and then she took that information and ran with it, picking out the plants that she likes best and placing them as she goes. Gardens are never  really “finished” so I think this work in progress will go on indefinitely. She is an energetic person who loves projects and she’s been having a blast digging, planting, mulching and otherwise playing in her new garden. I love it when clients are this involved in the making of and caring for their gardens because I know they really feel like it’s theirs, which is exactly how it should be.

This new garden room started out as a matted, treacherous slope in front of the house on a steep property in Echo Park. There were problems with erosion, an ailing tree with exposed roots and it was completely unusable space. By adding some low retaining walls, a decomposed granite floor and some flagstone steps, we turned it into a terrace that can be used for hanging out with friends, dining, relaxing or anything else the owner feels like doing. We used a lot of materials that were found on the property itself and repurposed, such as cobbles that were dry stacked into retaining walls for planting beds. Even leaf litter from the tree was shredded to use as mulch to cover the new drip irrigation tubing. (Ok, we did sacrifice a lot of old jade plants.)

In a few months, I’ll come back to take pictures when the plants have filled in (and covered the wire fence, for example). I’ll pick a day that is not filled with rainy drizzle as it was today (though the plants are enjoying our newfound fall after last week’s heatwave). It will be great to see at that time how the new space has continued to evolve.

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2 Responses to Echo Park Project – Work in Progress

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  2. Carrie says:

    Looks really great, Maggie! I wish I was sitting there with an iced tea right now.

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