Skid Row Gardening

To prove that you can grow food just about ANYWHERE in Los Angeles, here is a link to a blog about growing food on the roof of a building in Skid Row. I am the Mater Gardener lucky enough to be working with this enthusiastic and resourceful group in their endeavor to bring fresh, healthy food to people who have little access to it now. They are starting off with just a few nursery containers filled with tomatoes, peppers, squash and strawberries. Their initial success with these crops has inspired them to think bigger and they may be getting some Earth Boxes soon to grow bigger and more varied crops in coming seasons. The conditions on the roof are harsh. It’s hot and windy and difficult to monitor the amount of water the plants need to thrive. But the plants are resilient and are responding really well to the care and attention they are receiving and they are returning the favor with delicious produce. Check out their blog for details and photos.

Skid Row Gardening blog

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  2. Maggie says:

    I just had occasion to go back and re-read this post from last year. I noticed that last August, I wrote that I am “the” Master Gardener on this project. Since that time, I have been joined by two other fabulous Master Gardeners who are helping to grow this garden: Anne Hars and DeAnna Maria Weekly. Thanks to them, the garden is getting better and better. We harvested beets when I was there this week.

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