Blooming Now: Trees with Yellow Flowers

Driving around Los Angeles this month, you’ll see an abundance of yellow flowers in the trees. There are two different trees currently putting on this sunny display.

The first is Cassia leptophylla or “Gold Medallion Tree”. They are all over the Echo Park neighborhood, including lined up along the edge of Echo Park Lake. I love the contrast of the palms towering over them in the second photo. The detail photo shows the way the flowers are clustered together into “balls”. (Another striking thing about these photos is that they show the abundance of power lines in Echo Park.)

Cassia leptophylla

Row of Cassia leptophylla

Cassia leptophylla detail

The second tree is a little more subtle in its floral display. It is Tipuana tipu, which is a fun name to say out loud. This one, in a schoolyard, looks like it’s in a cage. The flowers are smaller and more dispersed throughout the canopy of the tree.

Tipuana tipu, incarcerated

Tipuana tipu detail

The leaves of this tree are also very nice. This shot was taken at the garden in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Now would be a great time to visit the garden there, especially if you’ve never been. That reminds me that I need to get over there myself sometime soon.

Tipuana tipu leaves

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