I am completely blown away by what was accomplished on Sunday this past weekend. If you read my previous post, you know the backstory: Maria’s neighbor Anne took an interest in her predicament and rallied resources to give her a hand. We had about 25 incredible people swoop in for one day to help with the heavy lifting, sorting, pruning, transplanting, brick laying and general rehab. Another half dozen or so generously donated bricks, terra cotta and ceramic pots, soil and mulch. Maria’s garden — and the plants she has so lovingly collected and cared for — was transformed, yet still serves to protect and provide comfort to her. You can see the transformation in the photos below, from before to after. There is more information about the L.A. neighborhood where Maria and Anne live on Anne’s website, under Projects. I am so lucky to have crossed paths with every single person involved in this project — some I’ve known for years and some I just met. According to Anne, Maria is thrilled with the results, which is the whole point after all.

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One Response to Tremendous!

  1. Lisa Carney says:

    You all are AMAZING!
    Cannot wait to see the next project, as I am sure there will be one.

    Big love,

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